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Ukraine, Kiev

Liudmyla Rozumna create pictures in an abstract style, immersing a person in the subconscious, trying to evoke resonance of emotions, feelings and thoughts. She use various techniques, expressing on canvas my inner sense of harmony, texture and color, combining a thoughtful and intuitive approach. The paintings show profound personal feelings associated with both specific visual images, which often lead to the usual names of pictures, and to various psychological states - anxiety, emotions, melancholy, pacification, display inner energy on the canvas.


2012 (spring) - International Exhibition-Competition «Ukrainian Artweek» - 2nd place "Solar Flowers", 3rd place " Suspense ", "Orange Journey" (nominated for "Experimental Art").
2012 (summer) – Exhibition-Competition and plein-air in Italy, Fano - "Artweek in Italy 2012," 3rd place " Suspense ".
2012 (autumn) "Ukrainian Artweek 2012" - 3rd place "Question" and "Answer" (nominated for "Abstract Painting").
2012 (October) - participated in Kiev artists' Autumn opening day “Eye Charm".
2013 "(Spring) - International Exhibition-Competition« Ukrainian Artweek »- 3rd place "Expectation " (nominated for "Avant garde Art ").
2013 (May-June) - PR studio exhibition "Mojito" Sevastopol.
2013 (June) - participated in the art project "Romance with a Brush"
2013 (autumn) - International Exhibition-Competition «Ukrainian Artweek» - 1st place "Excitement" (nominated for "Abstract Composition").
2015 - European Artweek in Ukraine.

Some works are in private collections.

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